National Library Week 2017

The Library is Important…

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Some great books that I would otherwise never read!

The librarians and very friendly!

Great employees!

Free internet.

Quiet place to read and relax.

Helps to keep kids learning!

The staff is extremely knowledgeable & professional.

To checkout books, use the internet, make copies, get a notary done, and other good information.

It aids in my learning about literature while providing pleasure in reading.

It’s great bonding for me and my daughter.

There’s nothing better than a good book, to sit down with and enjoy.

Reading books is like going on vacation anytime you want.

Love the books and friendly people.

Because I love to read!

Where you can take a vacation and do not have to spend all your money on it.

Employees are very nice and helpful!


Something for the whole family!

Helps me get books

I love to read and the library lets me read more books than I could ever afford otherwise.

It is a starting a love for reading at a young age.

The genealogy room in the library is a treasure with all of the information.

It is the place to come and get all the right answers

Since I am retired, it keeps my mind active.

Books, books, books, gotta love them!

I bring my kids here everyday to learn from books and to teach them responsibility.

Libraries are the “Hub” of our community

Fast, friendly, good playaways – enjoyment & knowledge

It is the only way I can afford to be transported to so many places, learn so many new things, and find so much joy.

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