Celina – Children’s Summer Reading Program

Children’s Summer Reading:

Our Program this year will be a little different for obvious reasons. Here is the 2020 flyer with general information. Additional programs and activities will be added throughout the program weekly. This page will have all of our program and activities posted throughout the summer.


Downtown scavenger hunt

Added 06/15/2020

Take a walk downtown and look in the windows for a white sign that has a number and letter on it. Start at the library and end at Warren St. They are on both sides of Main Street. There are a total of 13 signs. Some might be a little tricky to find so be sure take your time. When you get all 13 signs found, put the numbers in numerical order to reveal your secret code for extra points.

Save Happily Ever After

Added 6/15/2020

The magical land of the fairies has been invaded by the Evil Witch of Destruction and she has captured 3 of the residents. Your job is to search each room for clues and free the people! Everyone is counting on you! If you don’t succeed the Evil Witch will take over the land of the fairies and enslave us all! Now go FAST while there is still time!


Jack & the Beanstalk take and make craft and activity packet

Added 06/08/2020

This week we are doing Jack & the Beanstalk. We have a beanstalk craft to color and cut out and glue. We also have sunflower seeds that you can start in a bag with a moist paper towel and watch them start to grow and then plant them outside. There is an activity packet with coloring pages and mazes to complete as well. You might even have a secret code to enter once you have completed the craft and activity packet. These bags will be available until Saturday, June 13th or until we run out. Call to pick up your craft bags and we can bring them right out to your vehicle along with any books you might want.

Celina Children’s Coloring Contest

Posted 6/8/2020
You can download this coloring page and print it off or request one to pickup curbside at the library.
*The final day to turn in your coloring contest page is Saturday, July 18th by 5pm.
*Please do NOT put your name on the front of the coloring page except under the dotted line in the space provided.
Download: Childrens-Coloring-Contest

Escape The Evil Librarian

Added  5/28/2020

She loves books, she is very smart, but….. she is kinda EVIL. When you step into the library for a Summer Reading Program the Evil Librarian locks the door behind you with multiple locks and laughs. She looks at you and says she is keeping you trapped in the library FOREVER! Your job is to search for clues around the library in order to unlock the locks. Not everything is a real clue, some things are put there to trick you. Good Luck!


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