Marion – Teen & Adult Summer Reading Program

Marion – Teen & Adult Summer Reading:

Our Program this year will be a little different for obvious reasons.  Additional programs and activities will be added throughout the program below. Check back weekly!

Posted 6/20/2020   Imagine Your Story Bingo.  Complete a bingo, turn your game card in to the book drop or email a picture of your BINGO
to, and we will add 30 points to your account.   Here is the link for the  bingo card bingo-marion

Week 3 make-and-take craft bags available

   Posted 6/20/2020  Week 3 make and take craft bags are now available for pick up. This week it is a unicorn or dragon clothespin puppet. While they last! There may be a secret code inside. While you’re picking them up, get some book bundles or books.

Pick up a mascot today!

   Posted 6/15/2020 Stop in and pick up a mascot when you’re picking up your books and craft bags. Send a picture of you/your kids and the mascot enjoying a summer activity to the library and receive a secret code!

Save Happily Ever After

Added 6/15/2020

The magical land of the fairies has been invaded by the Evil Witch of Destruction and she has captured 3 of the residents. Your job is to search each room for clues and free the people! Everyone is counting on you! If you don’t succeed the Evil Witch will take over the land of the fairies and enslave us all! Now go FAST while there is still time!


Escape Forks

Added 6/8/2020

A Twilight-themed Escape Room

An enemy vampire clan is on their way to end Bella and Edward, and kidnap Renesmee. You have to help them get to Seattle and ESCAPE FORKS!

**You cannot proceed to the next question until you answer correctly**

Pick up your make-and-take craft bag

Posted 6/6/2020  Make-and-take craft bags for the first week are ready to go! This week your kids can make a pig or wolf nose. Everything you need (except scissors, glue and marker) is included. There might be a secret code inside. These bags will be available until Saturday, June 13th or until we run out. Call to pick up your craft bags and we can bring them right out to your vehicle along with any books you might want.

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