Mendon – Teen & Adult Summer Reading

Mendon – Teen & Adult Summer Reading:

Our Program this year will be a little different for obvious reasons. Here is the 2020 flyer with general information. Additional programs and activities will be added throughout the program below.

Program ends TODAY

Don’t forget to log all your books before 5:00 today Wednesday July 22. Prizes will be drawn and winners announced Thursday July 23rd.

Week 6 Make N Take crafts available

Posted July 13th, 2020 Make-n-take bags for week 6 are ready to go. This week the kids can make a paper cup fairy house and a fairy wand, as well as finishing the activity pages. Look for the hidden codes to claim more points. Don’t forget to look for those fun guessing pages to call in and be entered in a special drawing. Bags will be available till Sat July 18th. We are open now, so stop by pick up craft bags and check out some books.

Save Happily Ever After

Added 6/15/2020

The magical land of the fairies has been invaded by the Evil Witch of Destruction and she has captured 3 of the residents. Your job is to search each room for clues and free the people! Everyone is counting on you! If you don’t succeed the Evil Witch will take over the land of the fairies and enslave us all! Now go FAST while there is still time!



Posted June 8th 2020
Look for one of these posters each week in a downtown Mendon window. Enter the code for extra points.

Make-N-Take craft available now

Posted July 6 2020
Make-N-Take craft bags for week 4 are ready to go. This week your kids can make wood spoon Mermaids, a trident and a paper tube Prince and Princess, as well as activity pages. There may be some hidden codes for some extra points.! Make sure to look through bag there are a couple of pages to call in with an answer, to be entered into a special drawing for an  guessing game prize.
These bags will be available until July 11th. Stop by, we are open now, so pick up your craft bags and any books you would like.

Escape Forks

Added 6/8/2020

A Twilight-themed Escape Room

An enemy vampire clan is on their way to end Bella and Edward, and kidnap Renesmee. You have to help them get to Seattle and ESCAPE FORKS!

**You cannot proceed to the next question until you answer correctly**

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