Library Update


Just a little update on the happenings here at the library.

Summer Reading is currently underway and it has been a blast!  The community is really committed to showing their support of early literacy.  Today we had the Grand Lake Mariners come out to read to the children, as well as do a little water balloon batting practice.  The weather, finally, cooperated and a great time was had by all.

Today also brings with it an updated phone system.  Your cooperation is appreciated as we get used to the functionality of this new system.  A big difference is that our phone and fax number are no longer shared.  Our phone number is still 419-678-3128, but our fax number has changed.  Our new fax number is 567-510-5399.

Tomorrow evening, at 6:30 in the basement, we will be hosting our bake off.  Many of you may remember our Souper Bowl from the fall.  This event will be ran the same way.  There are three categories patrons may enter under: cake, cookies, and pies.  The public is free to come in and taste test and vote for the best dessert in each category.

Thursday, July 6 at 6:30 Bernice Lefeld will be doing a presentation on monarch butterflies, specifically their transition from caterpillars to butterflies.  This event is bring your own container.  If you are interested in bringing home your own caterpillar, Bernice will help you transform your container into a habitat.  Limit one per family.  Please feel free to come in and check out our container of caterpillars on display now!

Thanks for all of your continued support.  See you at the library!


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