Board of Trustees

MERCER COUNTY DISTRICT LIBRARY BOARD MEMBERS The following are the current Board Members of the Mercer County District Library:

Mr. Tom Watts – President
Mrs. Marie McClurg – Vice President
Mrs. Helen Elaine Maurer
Mrs. Jane Woods
Mrs. Carol Hone
Mr. Rick Stahl
Mrs. Andrea Strable

The Board of Library Trustees generally meets on the second Wednesday of each month except February. The meetings are generally held at Noon, publicly, at the main library located in Celina. Please view the library calendar for any exceptions to the board meeting dates or locations.

Library Board of Trustees (November 8, 2023)
From left to right, front: Mrs. Jane Woods, President Mr. Tom Watts, Mrs. Marie McClurg.
Back:  Mrs. Carol Hone, Mrs. Elaine Maurer, Mrs. Andrea Strable, and Mr. Rick Stahl.

The Mercer County District Library is administered by a seven-member Board of Library Trustees – four appointed by the Mercer County Commissioners and three appointed by the Common Pleas Judge.  The library board is made up of citizens from Celina, Mendon, Chickasaw, and St. Henry. Since a public library belongs to the entire community, boards of trustees have been created by law to act as the governing body of the library. Additionally, the board adopts and supports library policies.  The board is also an advocacy group, supporting the library before the budget commission, the state legislature, civic and cultural organizations, and the public at large. 

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