Mission Statements

Mission Statement

The Mercer County District Library strives to be an integral part of the community it serves by providing materials and services for residents of all ages for personal enrichment, enjoyment, and educational needs. The library is dedicated to providing timely and practical access to all forms of media. The educational needs of the community will be supported with adult programming as well as programs developed to stimulate children’s interests and appreciation for reading and learning.

Technology Vision Statement

The Mercer County District Library system, in accordance with its mission, will anticipate and respond to the community’s ever changing technological needs. The library strives to be the information hub for the community, a center for services for residents, visitors and businesses. It is both a physical location with readily available high speed computer access for all and a virtual information portal accessible remotely. The library also has a responsibility to provide patron access to technology that will allow for creativity, productivity, and social engagement. To accomplish this vision, it will be necessary for the library to stay current with changes in technology, and provide the public, as well as the library’s staff, with the necessary equipment and training to truly utilize technology and electronic resources.

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