The Mercer County District Library has been serving the communities of Mercer County for over 100 years. The first library was started by the Shakespearian Club in 1899. With help from the Carnegie foundation a Carnegie library was then built in 1907. In 1968 a new larger facility was built on the former site of the Carnegie Library. In 1994 the Mercer County District Library completed an addition and renovation to better serve the communities. Over the years the Mercer County District Library has extended its service area by opening branches in Mendon, St. Henry, and Chickasaw. All three branches have also completed expansions and/or renovations within the last 10 years. In 1990, the library began the process of automating the library’s collection and by 1997, the library was completely automated. The automation of the library was only the beginning of the technological presence in today’s library. In 2015 a set of renovations were completed that updated the look and feel of both the adult and children’s libraries.

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