Kids Book Club – February 2020

NOT SO NORMAL NORBERT is set in a future Earth under an authoritarian dictator where conformity is king and imagination is insanity. Everyone wears the same drab gray jumpsuits, and everyone is always under the watchful eyes of the Truth Police — and of Loving Leader, who sees all and knows all. Twelve-year-old Norbert finds life pretty dull, but he cares more about finding his parents than making waves — until one day in class, when he gets fed up and dares to stand in front of the class and and do a hilarious imitation of Loving Leader. Faster than you can say “Zorquat 3,” Norbert finds himself whisked off to that very planet, where imagination and creativity are not only allowed to run free, they’re mandatory. Stuck on a planet far from home, how will Norbert ever track down his parents now?

Kids grade 2nd through 4th join us on Thursday, February 20th at 4:00 pm at the St. Henry Branch Library.

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