GOOD READS – May 2023

The Saints of Swallow Hill


Donna Everhart

Tuesday, May 16, 2023


This fascinating depression-era novel immerses readers in a unique setting—the turpentine camps and pine forests of the American South. Though the work is hard and often dangerous, Rae Lynn, who spent her childhood in an orphanage, is thankful for it–and for her kind if careless husband. When Warren falls victim to his own negligence, Rae Lynn undertakes a desperate act of mercy. To keep herself from jail, she disguises herself as a man named “Ray” and heads to the only place she can think of that might offer anonymity–a turpentine camp in Georgia named Swallow Hill. The camp is isolated and squalid, and the owner Otis Riddle takes out his frustrations on his browbeaten wife, Cornelia. Rae Lynn becomes a target for Crow, the ever-watchful woods rider who checks each laborer’s tally. Delwood Reese, who’s come to Swallow Hill hoping for his own redemption, offers “Ray” a small measure of protection, and is determined to improve their conditions. As Rae Lynn forges a deeper friendship with both Del and Cornelia, she begins to envision a path out of the camp. But she will have to come to terms with her past, with all its pain and beauty, before she can open herself to a new life and seize the chance to begin again.

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